10 Hilariously Good (and Affordable) White Elephant Gifts

White Elephant gift exchanges that special time of year when weirdness rules, and you pull out all the stops to find the quirkiest gift you can find. We’ve got 10 hilarious and unique Wish items guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye without breaking the bank!! So bring on the weirdness, and watch as your gift becomes the one everyone is fighting over.

  1. Gremlin Christmas Sweatshirt – $16
    No matter how tough life gets, Gizmo is always there to make you smile.

  2. Cod Slippers – $4
    These goofy slippers are quite the catch! They COD be the funniest thing we’ve ever put on our feet.
  3. Beer belly fanny pack  – $8
    Dad bod is back and sexier than ever with this fashionable fanny pack. There’s room for more than one brewski in here!59c7824e2f4c58756f520949-0-
  4. Christmas beard balls – $1
    Deck the halls with colorful beard balls!
  5. Emergency bank – $6
    For anyone who’s ever had a shopping EMERGENCY.
  6. Smiling teeth pacifier – $1
    When you have a screaming baby, you need a sense of humor.

  7. Nicolas Cage shirt – $13
    Take Nic Cage’s Face/Off and put it right on this amazing t-shirt!
  8. Squid fingers – $1
    If these creepy squid fingers don’t tickle your fancy, nothing will! They’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eye during the gift exchange.
  9. Bread pillows – $15
    Because you ❤️  carbs so much it’s not enough to just eat them. You must also hug them to sleep.
  10. Pizza pants – $18
    Relationships come and go, but pizza is forever. We’ve immortalized the ultimate food group on these rad sweatpants.

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