20+ Items To Feed Your Pineapple Obsession

We all know someone who’s low-key obsessed with pineapples… and by “someone” we mean ourselves, of course. Whether as inspiration for gift ideas or just to treat yo’ self, get out of your winter rut and check out our fave affordable pineapple items on Wish! Get ready because the list is long, but we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love (if not all 😉 )

Decoration – String Lights, Plates, Posters, Wall stickers

A little pineapple never hurt nobody… Add a touch of summer to your home with these cute items.

Party favors – Straws, Glasses, Cups

A successful party always includes pineapples somehow. If not in the drinks, it’s in the party favors!

Hats – Beanies and Snapbacks

Whether for winter or summer, we’ve got your head covered in pineapple.


We love these 3 phone cases. But trust us, there is a plethora of options on Wish…

Fashion – Shirt, Socks , Pyjamas

Don’t be afraid to show the world (or your bed) your pineapple obsession with these trendy pieces.

Pillow Cases

Studies* show that hugging a pineapple pillow creates instant happiness.

*Scientific tests ran by us. 100% success rate.


A classy and discreet way to pledge allegiance to the mighty pineapple.

Accessories – Hairpin, Purse, Watch, Backpack

Yellow and green are the it-colors this season. All seasons, really.

Kitchen – Carver, Apron, Bottle Opener

Of course we didn’t forget items for the kitchen.

Bathing suits

Last but not least, (for now…) bathing suits! We know it may be a little early for bathing suit shopping (except if you’re in Australia – we got you), but who doesn’t love shopping for swimwear at all times of year? Summer isn’t that far away!

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  1. I absolutely love pineapples, but I think my daughter is obsessed! I can always find super cute things on wish.com to find whatever I am looking for here, and as always, it’s always cheap. You offer so many varieties of products with pineapples on them that it amazes me. When I go to the store, they may have just one or two things in pineapples, but here I can buy anything.

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