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Employee Spotlight: Sasha Mills (Graphic Designer)

Below is a post written by Sasha Mills, Graphic Designer at Wish; the piece is about her experience working with the company.

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“I work at Wish.”

This is a phrase I have delivered hundreds of times in the past year since I moved to San Francisco, because in this city, people are ALWAYS asking. In this city, your career is your lifestyle, there is no “9 to 5”. The line between my work and my social life has become very blurry as days at the office transition seamlessly into happy hours and team off-sites.

Since I started at Wish, a fun and collaborative work environment has fostered strong friendships with coworkers and facilitated a new way of life for me; in which Wish permeates not only my personal conversations, but my home. As I sit on my couch in my Wish hoodie and lean back on a pillow that I purchased from Wish.com with my Wish Cash, I fiddle with my Wish fidget spinner and reflect upon my situation. How did this happen? Why did I allow my job to break free from the confines of my office and seep into the rest of my life? The answer is simple – I love working at Wish.

There are many reasons to work at Wish: the benefits, the perks, and of course the Wish fidget spinners! However, what makes me truly excited to come in to work is the culture. As in life, the people and the relationships are the foundation for a positive work experience. My coworkers at Wish are not only staggeringly intelligent, but also among the most supportive and creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They turn a daunting task into an exciting opportunity for collaborative problem-solving, and go out of their way to organize events and contests that make a day at the office far from routine. When I return home and my roommates ask me about my day, I always have plenty to say.

All this said, you cannot truly love a job unless you find fulfillment in the work itself. My job as a graphic designer at Wish has been my introduction to the tech industry, and has exposed me to a whole new world – literally. The challenge of designing for hundreds of millions of shoppers in over 70 countries is extremely fulfilling. Designing for such a global audience has forced me to change my perspective and grow, not only as a designer, but as an individual. Working at Wish has improved my ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, and the value of this skill extends far beyond the workplace.

In my previous jobs, I have always kept my work and personal life decidedly separate. At Wish it’s different, it is so much more than 9 to 5. I never expected to find a job that would fit so well with the rest of my life, much less become a central part of it! I moved to a whole new country in order to work at Wish, and I can confidently say that it was the right move.

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