A Dog’s Turkey Feast aka Thanksgiving by Butters


Seasons greetings from your favorite Wish Pup, Butters! 

I had such a wonderful time last year during the holidays that I have to share with all of you.

When the holidays start I get so excited! It always kicks off with Turkey day or what my family calls Thanksgiving. I don’t get that part but there’s so much food and family time, that it makes for a very special day. 

To bring you up to speed with how last year went, the morning started with watching Grandma make these round things that smell quite sweet. 

Cooking with Dog

I love when I get to sit in the kitchen next to Grandma, she normally won’t allow it. However, for me, holidays are different! She even gives me a little bit of the sweet round treat to “taste test” with her, whatever that means. I think she calls them cookies, but whatever they are, I want more.

Then, the BIG feast! 

Thanksgiving Feast

I had so many yummy things in my bowl and people even gave me their food too. Holiday’s are the best! BUT before the feast starts, they gave me a bizarre fake turkey.

Dog Thanksgiving Hat
Dog Thanksgiving Hat

It doesn’t smell anything like turkey, but they insisted on putting it on my head. It smells like my toys but I like wearing this fake Turkey. 

Dog and Thanksgiving Hat

Everyone smiles and takes pictures of me, sometimes they even put this fake Turkey on. Happiness all around and so much attention, I love it! 

Dog Playing

My favorite part of the day was, PLAYTIME! 

After dinner my family grabbed all my toys and we played for a really really long time. This can be very tiring after our delicious feast which means, nap time! It’s the only day that my family naps when I do. Oh goody! 

Everyone was at home with me all day long which isn’t normal because I spend most days napping and waiting at the door for my parents to come home. 

Can’t wait for this one, oh no I see a cat, gotta go! 

Oh right, Happy Turkey feast day! I hope you have fun with your family too! 

  1. Oh butters ur so cute and very smart. My name is keepers and i to had a good turkey day .hope to read more about you after Christmas have a merry one butters

    1. Hi Deborah!
      Butters had a wonderful Christmas and is now searching for love. Stay tuned for a surprise!

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