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Tiz the season of giving back. On November 30th, American Express is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of Small Business Saturday. If you have never heard of it, it’s probably because you’ve never experienced shopping like this before.

Small Business Saturday

A decade ago a movement was created to help small businesses and brick-mortar stores make an impact in their local communities. 

For every $1 spent at a small business American Express is giving back .67 cents to their local communities. Since then (2010), consumers have reportedly spent an estimated $103 billion across all Small Business Saturdays combined. Way to go shoppers! 

Support Wish Local

All small businesses started with big dreams. To help make their dreams come true, we’re encouraging all shoppers to go out and support their local businesses with Wish Local on Small Business Saturday. 

Pickup Your Wish Items TODAY!

Wish is now partnering up with small businesses in your area to help save you time and money by shopping online and picking up your items instantly. 

Wish Is Here For You Every Step Of The Way

We are committed to give you the best customer service and shopping experience. No more having to wait for your order to come in the mail or stand in long lines, you can now shop with the Wish app. Visit your local Wish partner store and pickup your order today! 

And it doesn’t stop there. 

Shopping Never Felt So Good!

By shopping small with Wish Local partner store this Saturday you’re not only getting the best customer experience, you’re getting to know your neighbors. By giving back you’re supporting your local neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities.

This ultimately provides more funding for schools, public parks and rec, roads, sidewalks and jobs. Who knew shopping could turn you into a superhero and feel this good!

Get Involved!

Let’s make a difference together this Shop Small Business Saturday, and use Wish Local to pick up your items today because when you shop local, you’re making wishes come true.

Interested in partnering your local business with Wish? Get involved with the Wish Local program.

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  1. Why do you permit your companies to use “bait and switch” tactics. They’ll advertise one price on your home age, then triple the price when it’s your cart, and ready to check out. I just cancel the entire order.

    1. Hi Bill. Thats truly unfortunate to hear. We hope you can give us another chance by using Wish Pickup. You can purchase your items and pick them up instantly at a local business within your area. Best Wishes.

    2. Merci pour votre question Yosra, s’il vous plaît essayez d’utiliser une autre carte pour le paiement ou contactez notre support client via twitter @wishsupport

  2. Hey! I am an avid wish shopper since 2014. I just recently tried the wish pickup and it was so easy and fun. Wish items right at your fingertips. What could be better. Also was amazed to find out you can also ship some of your items directly to the same store and save lots of money. Great job wish.

    1. Hi Melissa. Thank you so much for your kind comment. We’re so thrilled you’re enjoying your experience with Wish. Kudos to for being a loyal Wish customer and please share with us your Wish Pickup finds on our social channels. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Joyce. Thank you for having an interest in shopping with Wish. To answer your question its very simple to do; Download the Wish app to your mobile device, create an account and you’re ready to shop. Its that easy. Enjoy!

  3. Olá bom dia ! Fiz um pedido no dia 1 de novembro , até agora não chegou. É normal demorar tanto ?

    1. Oi Maria. Seu pedido pode levar algumas semanas para ser entregue. Se você não receber seu pedido até esta semana, entre em contato com o nosso serviço ao cliente. Obrigado.

    1. Hi Linda. You can view all your previous orders in the Wish app. Go to your settings tab and click “order history” to look up the order. If you need any more assistance please contact customer support or on our official Twitter account @wishsupport. Best Wishes.

    1. Hi Masindj. Wish is working diligently to improve their quality of customer service and shipping. Thats why we created Wish local. We partnered up with local businesses so Wish customers can purchase items, save time and money on shipping, and pickup their items instantly. We hope you try it for yourself. Best Wishes.

    1. Hi Srdjan, To check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting your Order History page. If you have any more questions please contact Wish customer support within the app.

    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you for your question. If shipping costs is holding you back, please try Wish Local. You can ship items to a Wish local partner store near you and pick them up. You can also shop with Wish Local and choose from over dozens of items and ready to be picked up instantly! Find out how you can save time and money here in this article with Wish Local:

  4. I have the app but always do Window shopping just wondering How my items will reach me safely in Ghana because I’m not in the capital city. Secondly, How can one become become an agent of wish?

    1. Hi Christopher, thank you for your questions. When shopping on the Wish App its best to purchase items from verified sellers (Look for the blue checkmark badge) and to expedite the shipping you have 2 options:
      1. You can purchase items and use Wish Express for faster and safe shipping. (Look for the Orange shipping truck badge).
      2. You can save the time and money and use “Wish Local” to ship your items to a local Wish partner store in your area and pick them up.

      Lastly, you can contact our Wish Local program to become a partner store in your area

      Best Wishes

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