No Gym Needed! Get back in shape for less than $20

It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new you right? Whether you want to slim down or bulk up that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank (or even leave your house). 

Gym memberships and personal trainers are great and all BUT wouldn’t you like to spend that extra hundred dollars on an island getaway?

Head over to the Wish app and get started on crafting your dream body for less than $20!

Jump Rope

Hop, skip, jump, repeat! Don’t skip a beat, grab this jump rope and let those calories burn. 

With this jump rope, it counts your jumps so you can stay on track and meet your goals.

Jumprope, workout

Resistance Band

Resist, resist, push, push! Tone those calves and thighs to look ultra-smooth. 

Use these resistance bands for balance, stretching and to get rid of that jiggle. Who’s ready to flaunt that new body?!

Resistance bands, fitness

Mini Fitness Ball

Tighten your core, tone your back or add an extra challenge with a mini fitness ball

It’s inflatable and only 25 centimeters, so you can bring it everywhere. Don’t let your travels stop your routine!

Fitness ball, gym

Pilates Ring

Press and hold, press and hold! Don’t stop! Use a Pilates ring to sculpt, define and tone all your muscles. 

Looking to show off your arms and back this summer? You need this!

Pilates, Ring, Gym

Boxing Mitt

Take out your aggression and blow off some steam with this boxing mitt for ONLY $4. 

Give it the ol’ 1, 2, punch and slim down at the same time. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in the ring soon?

Boxing Mitt, gym

Feeling ready to get trim and slim? Start your own fitness journey right away with Wish PickUp! Don’t wait for your items to be shipped to you, go on the Wish App and get your items today. 

Getting back in shape this year doesn’t mean you need to go broke whilst doing so. You don’t even need the gym, trust us, it’s really crowded right now anyway. Head over to Wish to find your essential fitness items to create the new you!  

A new year means a new beginning, stay focused, we believe in you!

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