Top 7 Wish Items To Help You Crush Your 2020 Goals!

Helloha 2020! What better way to start off the DECADE with a fresh set of new goals to crush.

To help you get started, Wish has put together their top 7 items for you to be successful and conquer all your resolutions!

Are you ready? Let’s get it!

Get Your Mind Right 🧠

To be successful, you need a clear vision. Get creative and build yourself your very own “Vision Board!” Start by adding these LED String Lights to radiate your photos. The future is already looking bright. 💡

LED Lights, Vision Board, New Year, Goals

“A vision without action is merely a dream.” Take the time to invest in yourself by picking up a Gratitude Journal. The benefits associated with journaling can help you reflect on what’s truly important, focus on your goals and relieve stress. 📔

Gratitude Journal, Journal, New Year

Continue to put pen to paper by writing down what you’d like to accomplish this year with a planner. As they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish” AND as much as we love a wish 😉 putting words down on paper, leads to actions that result in change.

Planner, Daily Journal, New Year

Your Body Is A Temple 🛕

The best way to be successful is to plan ahead. Switch up your eating habits and start preparing healthier meals with these Reusable Kitchen Containers. It will help save you a ton of time, money and the extra calories. 🍎

Reusable Kitchen Containers

Thirsty to get things done? STAY HYDRATED! Shop for these affordable Reusable Water Bottles to keep with you throughout the day. More water = healthy living. Here’s to health & happiness! 😊

Reusable Water Bottle, New Year, Goals

Connect With Your Soul, Mate 😉

Looking for a new hobby? Express your creativity by learning how to play this Mahogany Soprano Ukulele! It’s the perfect instrument for all levels to learn and a great way to impress your friends! It also includes a carrying case, tuner, uke strap, replacement strings, and a beginner’s booklet. 🎶”Music is the food of the soul” 🎶

Use Wish Express and have it delivered within 5-8 business days.

Ukulele, New Year, Goals

After a long day, it’s important to make sure to get the rest you need. Take a moment for yourself and add this Ultrasonic Wood Grain Humidifier to help aid your meditation practice and for a good night’s rest. 😴

No matter what goals you set for yourself this year the most important thing you can do is “MAKE THE TIME” to work on them. 

Now go out there and make 2020 your best year yet! 💪

You’re deserving, you’re worthy and you’re ENOUGH!


    1. Hey Roger. Thanks for your comment, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact @wishsupport on our official Twitter account, they’d be happy to further help resolve your issue. Thanks for shopping with Wish.

  1. My name is LeRoy Kohn and I ordered a coiple of items from you. I finally recieved my ring, which I paid for and shipping cost; but I never recieved the necklace and bracelet set. I don’t know if it was a mix-up on your end or the post office, all I know is that I paid money and don’t have a product.

    Friends say how much they love your site, I try it once and I’m about to lose it. $5.00 won’t make me or break me. It’s just the principle of the thing if you follow my meaning.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Hey LeRoy, Thanks for your comment and for shopping with us here at Wish. We’re sorry to hear about your order mix-up. Please contact our customer support team within the Wish app or you can reach out to @wishsupport on our official Twitter account and they’d be happy to further help resolve your issue. Thanks for shopping with Wish.

    1. Hey Eulalie, we’re thrilled to hear that 😊Thank you for much for your kind comment.

    1. Hi Anita, please contact customer support within the Wish app and they’ll be happy to further help you with your payment. Thanks for shopping with Wish.

    1. Hey Daniel, We apologize for the delay with your orders. Please contact customer support within the Wish app or you can also contact @wishsupport on our official Twitter account. They’ll be happy to further help resolve your issue. Thanks for shopping with Wish.

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