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Helloha Everyone 🤙 this is AJ with Wish. Today, I decided to do a VLOG on all the hottest items people are searching for right now. The best part is that you can find all the products right HERE on Wish!

From home entertainment, fitness, essentials, electronics, gadgets and everything in-between, I’ve put together a list you don’t want to miss right now on #Wish! So, put on your best sweats, PJs, or whatever makes you feel good and press play 📺.

Sports Equipment & Home Fitness

Massage Muscle Relief Kit 

Yoga Mat

Water Filled Dumbbell Set 

Water Dumbbell Set (Wish Express) 

Resistance Fitness Bands

Heavy Duty Doorway Pull Up Bar 

Fitness Push Up Rack Board

LCD Touch Screen Massage Gun

Wish Essentials & Self-Care

Disposable Rubber Gloves 

Hand sanitizer 

Face Mask (Wish Express)

Full Face Mask (Wish Express)

First Aid Kit 

LCD Digital Display Forehead Thermometer 

Assorted Bath Sponges 

Electronic, Gadgets & Hair Clippers

Phillips Norelco All-in-one Facial and Hair trimmer

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush 

Sleep Mask with noise-canceling earphones 

Smartphone & GoPro Tripod with Bluetooth Controller Adapter 

Guitars, Ukuleles & More

Kmise Rosewood Tenor Ukelele – 26 inch 

Electric Guitar Set with Guitar Bag & AMP

Acoustic Guitar with Picks & Accessories (Wish Express) 

Fender Guitar Strings – 6pcs

Aroma Blues Distortion Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

Assorted Guitar Picks – 30 pcs

Need your order fast? 

Try Wish Express! All Wish Express items are shipped from within the U.S. Click the “EXPRESS” tab on the Wish app or shop any eligible items with an orange truck logo to receive your order within 7-10 business days! 🚚💨

Essentials on Wish 

With over MILLIONS of items to choose from, check out our Wish-entials for more popular MUST-HAVE items. 

WIN $3,000 #StayHomeWithWish

Wish is also giving away $3,000 Wish Cash EVERY week! All you have to do is create a video of your favorite Wish products that are getting you through the lockdown and upload your video here. For official rules and details please visit #StayHomeWithWish.

Stay Home. Save Lives. Shop Wish.  

For any questions, visit the Wish FAQs or contact our Customer Support team.

    1. Hi Lois, thank you for taking the time to ask your questions. Wish HQ is located in San Francisco, California and our products come from all over the world (depending on the item). Have you tried Wish Express? All our products are from and shipped within the US. Just look for the orange truck logo located next to the product. Thanks again and all the best.

    2. Hi Bridget,
      We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re here to help you. Please contact @wishsupport on our official Twitter account and they’d be happy to help further assist you with your order. Thanks for shopping with Wish!

  1. Guys 3 months to get my order on 2 facemasks…by the time I get them
    the COVD-19 will be over….

    Order #: 5e82a0ade2eeb69eea9b6709

    1. Hey Jesus, thanks for your comment. we apologize for the inconvenience, If you would so kindly contact @wishsupport on our official Twitter account, they’d be happy to further help resolve your issue. You can also contact customer assistance within the wish app. Thanks for shopping with us at Wish.

  2. I am waiting for you guys to get back to me about the JOOP perfume that I purchased and you supplied another product-
    This was purchased last month and paid for via PAY PAL
    Please contact me by EMAIL as I seem to waste so much time navigating your site.

    1. Hey Derrick, Thanks for your comment and your support with Wish. We apologize for the inconvenience, If you would so kindly contact @wishsupport on our official Twitter account, they’d be happy to further help resolve your issue. Thanks for shopping with Wish.

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